Hello everybody. This is my first ever blog so bear with me. Welcome to I Love My Fear: A Shy Guy’s Blog About Self-Improvement and Conquering Your Fears. I’m not looking to get famous or make money off this blog. I do, however, want this blog to help as much people as possible.

About Me: 

I want to go into more detail about myself in a later post but I’ll just give you the basics. My name is Andrew. I am a 22-year-old college student majoring in the field of journalism. I am currently writing for the Neighbors section of the Dayton Daily News as well as working a part time job. I am also very much involved in powerlifting.


 I want this blog to be a source of self-improvement, motivation, advice, and inspiration. Not only do I want to post about my own personal journey but others as well. I am aiming this blog for people like me: people that may be a little shy and afraid to break out of their shell, people that have made the decision to turn their life around, or people that simply need a lift up on a down day. I plan to also post inspiring news stories, videos, and images.

Behind the Name:

Coming up with the name for this blog was easy. I based it off one of my favorite motivational pictures that I’ve found off the Internet.

This image almost sums up all of my fears in one little JPEG. For the life of me I could never understand why a person would accept mediocrity. My deepest fear is seeing myself as a 40 year old cubicle dweller, balding, overweight, bitchy wife, spoiled kids, my sole goal in life is to make it home safely to the comfort of my television just to repeat the day over again tomorrow. That image of me drives me to become the best person that I can possibly be on this Earth. I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity that could change my life because I’m afraid. I’m a shy person who has missed out on a lot of opportunities in life simply because I was afraid to speak out. Silly isn’t it? Scared to vibrate my vocal chords. Nowadays, whenever I am stuck in this situation I ask myself this: What I’m I more afraid of? Talking to someone or missing the opportunity to talk to someone that could potentially change my life. I saw this image about a year ago and I made the decision to myself to embrace my fears, to love them, rather than avoid them.


I am absolutely pumped about this blog. I can’t wait to get this thing really going. Am I successful person? I’d like to think that I have experience some success in my short life so far but I am far from where I want to be. If you are looking to read from people that have already experience in their lives then this is not the blog for you. Am I qualified to give self-help advice to people? I think anyone is qualified to whether they have experienced success or not. As long as they have the right mentality. One of the reasons I created this blog was to make sure that I myself am practicing what I preach. I see this as a journey. Hopefully we all learn a little bit more about ourselves together.


About Andrew Mundhenk

I'm a shy guy living in a not so shy world. Help me help you with my blog, I Love My Fear. View all posts by Andrew Mundhenk

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