I wanted to apologize to any of my readers and followers for the long hiatus. With my responsibilities writing for the paper on top of school and working a part-time job I simply have no time. My life’s been a roller coaster these past couple of months and I’m really just taking the time I do have and just putting what I have learned into words.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I have not left but I will be posting less than I have been for the time being. I want to make sure my best work is posted on here so if it takes longer to do so than so be it. Thank you for understanding.  


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I'm a shy guy living in a not so shy world. Help me help you with my blog, I Love My Fear. View all posts by Andrew Mundhenk

3 responses to “Hiatus

  • Jay Rando

    Was beginning to wonder where you had been lol. Yikes I understand you though, i’ve had more work on my plate of recent and sometimes you do have to abandon posting on here to focus on the more important stuff etc. Its good to see you back though even if for a minute, you have good dedication to your work and life 🙂

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