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Valentine’s Day

I don’t think there is a more polarizing holiday than Valentine’s Day. For some it’s the most romantic day of the year. For others it’s the loneliest. I want to let the lonely people know that its ok. It’s just a day of the year where chocolate sales spike. That’s it. You shouldn’t need a holiday to express how much you love a person.

The point I’m trying to get across is you need to be able to love yourself before anyone else can love. If you’re looking for relationship because you think that is the missing piece that will automatically turn your life around then you don’t understand how a lasting relationship works. If I have a girlfriend I will be happy. This is simply not true. A girl doesn’t want to be tasked with the responsiblity of trying to make your miserable life happy. She wants to be a part of your happy life. Relationships should be viewed as a piece of your life not half of it. Work on improving your own life. Focus on your goals in life, on your career, on bettering yourself as a person. Eventually the opposite sex will take notice.

As soon as I discovered this I started noticing it was everywhere around me. From what I’ve observe the people in the most successful relationships both have goals, hobbies, and aspirations that are separate from their significant others. The people whose only goal in life is to get married before their friends are typically seen on Facebook writing about how their boyfriend/girlfriend is the greatest in the world. I’ve also noticed that boyfriend/girlfriend seems to change every month. The people in successful relationships? Barely post anything. They realise that they don’t need to tell the world they love each other. They already know they love each other. They don’t need confirmation or reaffirmation from their peers that they are in love.

I think we get it.

I’m not trying to bash people. It’s just my simple observation of what I see in my life. Life is a journey. There are other important things in life besides being in a relationship. It’s not the end all to life and it certainly doesn’t equate to happiness. Just look at the divorce rates. Don’t invite me to the wedding. Invite me to the 50th Anniversary. I want to see the couple that put the work in to maintain the relationship. Everybody can get married. It doesn’t take skill. It just takes a drunken night in Vegas. I hope this will help out some people who are feeling a little lonely today.